Thousand Miles

Feature [Thousand Miles]

Thousand Miles is a very fascinating feature in Three Kingdoms GO. In this activity, the player can obtain various valuable items along with the chance to buy items at an attractive SALE price.

To use [Thousand Miles], go to [Activity] and select its icon in the game interface.

Select “Formation” to start organizing the battle formation in [Thousand Miles]. You can select at most 3 Generals to start the activity. Confirm the Formation and select “War” to start the battle.

After the battle has started, you cannot change your Generals but you can change the order of combat.

[Thousand Miles] is a single battle mode. Generals do not bring with them their soldiers. After 60s, the side which has more HP will be the victorious. At the end of the activity, the player will have the chance to buy valuable items at a discounted price.

Please use this opportunity from [Thousand Miles] to get your hands on the most attractive items.