[Guides] Strutures and Resources

Guides: Strutures and Resources

1. House

House is where citizen live in, and it is a place for lords to collect taxes. "Personal merit" decides how much taxes can lords collect from "House". This structure can reach to level 50, and produce an amount of "Coppers". Everyday, players have one time to collect tax, and the following time costs diamonds, the amount of time collect tax depends on Vip level. 

Players need to pass campaign map 4-2 to be able to upgrade House.

2. Sawmill

After successfully pass campaign map 4-2, "Sawmill" will be unlocked. This helps lords to generate "Woods". Similar to "House", the productivity of "Sawmill" depends on "Personal merit", and  tap "Lv up" to upgrade "Sawmill".

3. Tactic Court

Players, who pass campaign map 6-8, can unlock "Tactic Court". This structure use to upgrade technology to enhance soldiers capabilities. Lords are able to reset technology to lv 1, but it requires 300 Diamonds to do that