Guild's Dungeon

[Feature] Guild's Dungeon

Players after joining Guild can participate in Guild's Dungeon.

The damage that Guild members deal on The Boss will be cumulated until the boss is dead

Each member has three turns a day, and every battle counts, even if they lose

The rewards and attack turn will be refreshed at 4:00 a:m everyday

Each day open a different Guild's Dungeon:

Yellow Turban War: Open on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Vassal War: Open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Dong Zhuo Suppression: Open only on Sunday

Choose Dungeon to participate in

Set "War Formation" and tap "Start Battle" to begin the fight

When the Boss fall, every member in the Guild can receive rewards, you can tap on the chests or choose "Quick Receive" to get all the rewards.

Let fight the boss with other member in the Guild for valuable rewards.