[Feature] Trade

[Feature] Trade

Introduction: [Trade] is an entirely different map in Three Kingdoms GO where the players can freely move and exchange goods between castles. Depending on the difference between the item prices, you can gain profits.

This map is a battle-zone as well. Be careful not to let your goods get stolen by other players.

Durations: From 4:00am Monday to 4:00am Thursday every week.


To use this Feature, please select the [Trade] Icon in the game interface. The Trade map will pop up immediately.

- Use “my Position” to find out your current location on the map.

- Use “Trending Items” to gain knowledge about the price of various items.

To gain the most benefits, you need to upgrade your [Cart]. There are 3 Upgrade options:

- Cart Capacity: Increase the maximum capacity your cart can carry.

- Transaction Limit: Increase the Purchase Limit to buy more Items.

- Goods: Increase the % profit you gain.

Copper is used to raise the skills of your cart. You can also select Reset (costs 500 Diamonds) to return all Copper used for the upgrades.

You can assign a route to the nearest Trade Castle. You cannot trade at the Inn. It takes one minute to move to an Inn or to the castle.

Remember that the Cart has limitation. You cannot trade when your storage limit has been reached. You can still sell items.

There is a limited number of Trades you can do daily. Reset at 4:00 every day.

In the process of trading from a caste to another, you will have the chance to steal their goods. There is a limit of 5 times to steal. You can’t steal when the limit is reached. This limit refreshes every day.